Stopping User Process

There are many ways to stop all the process run by a specific user and one of the effective way is by using skill command (skill bundled with procps packages). skill can be used to stop, continue, or kill processes using the username, command name or process id(or send them any variety of signals you like).

For example to stop all the user process running by user ” hacker

  • # skill −STOP hacker

The above command will stop all of that users processes, this will cause his screen to freeze until you type to grant access again to them.

  • # skill -CONT hacker

This would tell that all processes may continue as before. Note that this would only work if you are root. Also note you can list more than one user name with the command so it will apply to multiple users. Once you stop the user process you will be seeing the number of stopped process executing by the user using ” top -c ” command on the stopped menu.

Linux stopped process

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