phpMyTop is another web based monitoring tools helps the database administrator to have a quick look of their mysql server process over the web. Installation is fairly simple and all you have to do it to download the source and setup the database user name/password and dumping the install.sql file on the database and you are ready to go.

Since its an opensource php application, you can simply edit/modify the source code according to your needs.

phpMyTop download source :

Download and untar the source file inside the web directory which you like to access (ie.. for example /var/www/html )

(you need to create a username and password on the mysql to dump the database)

Edit the config.php and modify the following lines with your username and password.

  • $GLOBALS[‘mytop_dbuser’] = ‘root’;
  • $GLOBALS[‘mytop_dbpass’] = ”;
  • $GLOBALS[‘mytop_dbhost’] = ‘localhost’;
  • $GLOBALS[‘mytop_db’] = ‘phpmytop’;

Access the phpmytop using http://<yourserverip/domainname>/phpMyTop/

You can setup a password protected folder for page access authorization.

Screen-Caps :