Appweb HTTP

Appweb is an embedded web server for hosting of dynamic web applications. It is exceptionally fast due to its multi-threaded, event-drive core. It is also very compact and compact, yet has an extensive set of features. It is easily embedded using a little as 800K of memory.

Server-Side Javascript

Appweb includes the new Ejscript web framework for server-side Javascript web applications. Why learn a new language when you can use the same language on the server as in the browser.

Appweb HTTP Server Features

Appweb is a standards-based embedded HTTP server that has a wealth of features including:

  • Full HTTP/1.1 web server
  • Multi-threaded, event-driven core: fastest performance in its class
  • Dynamically loadable modules
  • Server-side JavaScript web framework
  • In-memory PHP module
  • In-process CGI as well as traditional CGI
  • Apache compatible configuration and logging
  • Basic and Digest Authentication
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS)
  • Session state data management
  • HTTP Client program and library
  • ROMable web pages and configuration files
  • Cross-platform and portable
  • Embeddable in applications and devices (supports XIP)
  • Modular source code and documentation provided


Appweb is an ideal application web server when running behind a reverse proxy such as Apache. The reverse proxy dispatches incoming requests to a set of Appweb instances which can effectively host Ejscript, PHP or Ruby applications.

Proxy Arch

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