Aget – multithreaded HTTP download

is a multithreaded HTTP download accelerator which is very similar to the windows Flashget tool but only works over the HTTP protocol and does not work on FTP protocol. Tested proven that aget almost reduced the download time by 50% which compared to the other standard tools like wget, ftp, lynx etc.


How to Installing Aget

Aget can either install via source or rpm at your convenience.


Atop rpm for CentOS are available at


Using Aget


Once installed, use aget -n<no of agent> [http://downloadurl] to start the download. If you are downloading less than 512 KB it is advisable to start the agentless then 4 or 5. Aget first sends a HEAD request to retrieve the length of the file, and divides it into equal segments according to the number user has requested. Then for each segment, it connects to the server and gets only the part, which it is to download. Therefore, if you’re downloading a small file, it is suggested that you decrease the number of segmentation, likewise, if it’s a large file, you’re urged to increase the number of threads. For example

  • # aget -n10

Aget will split the file into 10 segments and will download it for you. For more help just use ” aget -h

I have tested the download time and speed with Aget and Wget and could see Aget really half’s the download time with double speed. I have attached the screen-caps below and the file size was around 700 MB.


Download using Wget (8min)

Wget Download

Download using Aget (4min)


Useful Link :

Aget home page