Installing Free mod_GeoIP for Apache 2.x / Cpanel / CentOS

Mod_GeoIP looks up the IP address of the client end user. If you need to input the IP address instead of simply using the client IP address. For the country database, mod_geoip sets two environment variables, GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE and GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAME. For other databases, see the README file included with the mod_geoip API.

Installing mod_geoip on cpanel

The easyway of installing mod_geoip is by using the cpanel’s Easyapache custom modules installation method:
Download mod_geoip

Use the Easyapache in the WHM and on the list of modules under apache you will see the mod_Geoip listed there, recompile apache by selecting the modules. After finishing the recompile follow the configuration part below to configure the settings.

Installing mod_geoip on centos and fedora :

Installation of mod_geoip module requires two rpm (GeoIP which holds the ip database and mod_geoip for apache), i guess you have already installed httpd 2.x version sucessfully in your server.

The rpm installation will include and configure the mod_geoip modules on apache. You will then find the GeoIP database (GeoIP.dat) in the /usr/share/GeoIP directory. YOu can get the latest ip db from and upload the new database inside the /usr/share/GeoIP/ .

To make sure the mod_geoip is working properly, create the following php file in the default html doc root and try access it in your web browser, for example :

file name : geotest.php

  • <?php
  • print_r($_SERVER);
  • ?>


And you should be able to see a list of geoip stats about your location and isp. Follow the instruction on the official site to configure the country based block/allow.

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