H264 Streaming Module for Apache


The H264 Streaming Module is a plug-in which can be installed easily on your existing Apache/Lighttpd/Nginx webserver. You can seek to any position in the video, even before it is fully loaded. Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite. It works with a wider variety of MP4 video files and has faster start/seek times. Adobe recently announced support for H264 video files in their Flash player.

It has a great feature over the other steaming modules :

Timeshifting seek

Enable your viewers to immediately jump to any part of the video regardless of the length of the video or whether it has all been downloaded yet.

Virtual video clips

You have really long video clips and you don’t want to re-encode them into smaller parts? We also support ‘virtual video clips’, so you can specify to only playback a part of the video or create download links to specific parts of the video.

Network efficiency

The next version will feature ‘bandwidth shaping’ allowing you to stream videos and only use the bandwidth required to view the video over the network.


If you are already using the widely adopted MPEG4/H264 industry standard, there is no need to re-encode your MP4 videos, you can use your existing video files

H264 Streaming Demo :

Click here to see a live demonstration which runs under Apache.

Flash players supporting H264 Streaming

  • * FCPlayer by Fastcat Software.
  • * JW FLV Media Player.
  • * Flowplayer.

Downloading and installing the H264 Streaming Module

Pre-requesties :

Make sure you have the httpd-devel package installed to have the apxs binary

  • yum install httpd-devel

Download apache_mod_h264_streaming

Configuration apache_mod_h264_streaming

  • vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    Add the line
    AddHandler h264-streaming.extensions .mp4
    after the line
    LoadModule h264_streaming_module /usr/local/apache/modules/mod_h264_streaming.so

Restart apache :

  • /etc/init.d/httpd restart

Testing the H264 Streaming Module

To test and make sure the modules is working properly, try a mp4 video download to your document root directory:

  • cd /usr/local/apache/htdocs
    wget -O test.mp4 “http://h264.code-shop.com:8080/trailer2.mp4”

And then wget http://<your-server-ip/test.mp4?start=55.5 or access the url in your web browser.

This saves a file (test.mp4) on your local disk that will have the first 55.5 seconds removed from the original video file. Which you can check with your favorite video player.

You can also move the progress bar to forward and you should be able to see the videos are playing from where you seeked so this saves lot of bandwidth and time.

External Link :

H264 Streaming home page :

H264 Streaming module download :

Install mod_flvx :