Server Monitoring using DSTAT

DSTAT an excellent tool which combines the overall stats of vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat. Dstat allows us to view all of the system resources in the real-time including the network bandwidth, network I/O , IRQ etc which helps the administrator to get an clear picture of what is going on in their server. It also reduces the headache of opening a separate shell/terminal to view the stats during bench tests.

Installing Dstat

Dstat rpm can be found here make sure you are installing the right os version/arch of rpm. You can also use yum to install the rpm if you are having RHEL / FEDORA / CENTOS distributions

  • yum install dstat

Getting started with dstat

To get a full stats using dstat

  • dstat –full

Full Stats

To find the most CPU time (in ms)

  • dstat –top-cputime


To check the NIC alone with the IRQ’s

  • dstat -dnyc -N eth0 -C total -f 5

NIC stats

Useful link :

Dstat RPM download

Dstat Manual Page

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