GoAccess – real-time web log analyzer tool

is an interactive and website/web-server log analyzer tool currently better than the ApacheTop interface. It provides fast and valuable HTTP statistics for system administrators that require a visual server report on the fly. It also supports both the Apache and Ngnix log formats. It includes the following feature.

  • * General Statistics, bandwidth etc.
    * Top Visitors
    * Requested files
    * Requested static files, images, swf, js, etc.
    * Referrers URLs
    * 404 or Not Found
    * Operating Systems
    * Browsers and Spiders
    * Hosts, Reverse DNS, IP Location
    * HTTP Status Codes
    * Referring Sites
    * Keyphrases
    * Different Color Schemes
    * Unlimited log file size

Installing GoAccess on Centos / RHEL / Fedora


Installation can be done either via the source or rpm (rpms are available ). Before going with the installation you need to install the following dependency packs(under root login).

And once installed just execute goaccess command without any options to list the help menu

GoAccess Help

Use the below command to monitor the web-erver/site access logs. For example

  • # goaccess -f /var/log/httpd/gnutoolbox.com

Installation instructions for SUSE , Debian , FreeBSD can be found here


Goaccess Screenshot


Useful links :


GoAccess Home page : Click here

Apachetop Help     : Click here