Formatting Pendrive in Linux

Ssh the server as root user and find the device label using :

  • # dmesg | tail

On the device list confirm the device name of your pen drive. Say for example ” /dev/sda “, if it is mounted first you needed to unmount it first.

  • # umount /dev/sda

Use the mkfs.vfat command to format the drive with FAT32 filesystem. For ext3 use mkfs.ext3

Formatting with FAT32

  • # mkfs.vfat -n “Your-label” -I /dev/sda

Formatting with Ext3 & Ext2

  • # mkfs.ext2 -n “Your-label” -I /dev/sda
  • # mkfs.ext3 -n “Your-label” -I /dev/sda

Replace the “Your-label” with your own label. After formatting just mount the drive again.

  • # mount /dev/sda /mountpoint