Ftop is a new and excellent top like tool which helps the administrators to monitor the progress of all open files and file systems and it is also possible even to monitor regular users and for a particular process like httpd, mysql etc. Ftop supports two output modes, full (using ncurses) and limited (simple plain text). The output mode can be specified at invocation, or changed dynamically as the program runs.

Installing Ftop

Ftop source can be downloaded from :  http://code.google.com/p/ftop/downloads/list

Ftop rpms are available at http://packages.sw.be/ftop/

Running Ftop

Ftop includes rich set of command line options which make our life easier to filter the results. Just type ”  ftop ” from the command prompt to monitor the file system.

To see a real-time graphic representation of all mounted ext3.

  • # ftop -QAy ext3

Ftop Graphical

To list only the files opened by the process (for example mysql or even a PID)

  • # ftop -p mysql (or) PID

To list only the file system or partition of /home

  • # ftop -f /home

Lot more features are in-build with this tool. Just use ” man ftop ” to list all the syntax available with on this command.

Useful Links :

Ftop Home page