Account Services Manager is a web-based account manager for UNIX web hosts so that clients can manage services such as FTP accounts, POP3 accounts, Subdomains, Password-protected folders, etc. without having to email support.


  • Secure Login – Locks user sessions by hostname and IP address, as well as login time and a randomly generated hash key
  • Themeable – Don’t like the default user interface? Create your own, or find someone who made one, and change all pages by simply editing the config file.
  • Module Support – Account Services Manager is completely modular! It’s useless without modules. This means that if something in the default modules doesn’t suit your system, fine then, install another one and disable the other. It’s instantaneous!
  • Easy configuration file – The global configuration file follows a similar syntax as the Apache web server.
  • API Library – Easy, flexible API library for modules to take advantage of.
  • User Accounts – User accounts are extremely easy to administer, with each user having their own file which contains account limits, etc.
  • Easy Installation – ASM is very easy to install. Just unpack the package, run a small setup script, customize the config file, and you’re good to go!

Installation Docs :
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