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BootStrap Scripting

  The /var/www/html/pub/bootstrap/ script generated by the RHN Satellite Server installation program provides the ability to reconfigure client systems to access your RHN Server easily. It is available to both RHN Satellite Server and RHN Proxy Server customers through the RHN Bootstrap tool. After modifying the script for your particular use, it can be run on each client machine.
Review the sample and its comments, beginning with a hash mark (#), for additional details. Follow the steps in Chapter 5, Using RHN Bootstrap to prepare the script for use.
( This Software is Available for Direct Download )
Supported Operating System(s) CentOS, Debian, Linux Generic,
File Size 1 kb
Version x
License Type Open Source
Requirements Bash / KSH shell
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Added 2011/10/11
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