A simple and a real time network traffic and bandwidth console based monitoring tools which helps the administrators to monitor their server network traffic using simple command syntax.

Installing nLoad


Nload source are available at where you can download and compile install from source. Ssh your server as root.

You can also install the nload from rpm for CentOS / Fedora / RHEL based servers

Check with epel repo for Nload rpm 


nLoad Syntax


Once you have installed the nload either using source or rpm. You can use any of the following syntax to monitor your bandwidth.

To monitor your specific Ethernet interface (For Example : eth1)

  • # nload eth1

The output should be similar to.


To monitor your specific Ethernet interface with MByte/s instead of the default KByte/s

  • nload -u M eth1

Execute the following command to monitor the multiple ethernet interfaces in the server.

  • nload -m eth0 eth1 -u M

Which will output the results for all the interfaces in Mbytes

nload multiple interface

Useful Links :

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